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What is InterWeave used for with Merchant Service Providers Integration?

Payment and Subscription Billing Made Easy.

InterWeave simplifies Payment and Subscription billing and management, automating recurring invoicing, payments and revenue recognition while streamlining customer revenue management.

Real-time, Scheduled and Recurring Payment and Subscription Management Payments with hosted, self-service Customer Portal integrated with your CRM.

With InterWeave Payment and Subscription management in your CRM, integrated with your InterWeave Customer Portal, you will be able to provide your customers all the flexibility they need to view their invoices online, update payment methods, and make payments while keeping everything organized and automated for you.

Supporting over 48 Merchant Service Providers payment methods including credit card, invoicing, ACH/EFT and more, InterWeave works with your CRM vendor and your Merchant Services Provider removes the security concerns for storing sensitive information and credit card information.

Your CRM Analytics and Dashboards updated in real-time.

Real-time information provided to your CRM tracks all of your key business metrics in real time via elegant dashboards with all of the displayed data available in detailed, exportable reports. Included are key metrics such as MRR, Churn, LTV, AR & cash collected which are the life line for any subscription based businesses.

Security and Technology

InterWeave resides at the ISP Rackspace Managed Hosting, who are both industry compliant with HIPAA and PCI-DSS. Rackspace provides a 100% uptime guarantee.

Native integrations with Salesforce, QuickBooks, Sage, Avalara, MS Dynamics, Oracle and many more.

InterWeave provides seamless integration with multiple Accounting Solutions to help you manage all your financial needs, Full AR/AP processing is supported in your CRM and is available in configurable format for your Accounting integration.

Automated Invoicing in your CRM or Financial Application, seamlessly integrating and in real-time. 

Integration with over 48 Merchant Service Providers and counting.

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