Login to Sage 50 server as integration user.

  1. Open folder PeachtreeREST on desktop.
  2. Verify that Sage 50 is not started!
  3. Right click on PeachtreeImportExport.exe and select Run As Administrator
  4. In the browser (on different computer if you are logging in to Sage 50 server directly) open www.interweave.biz and click on Customer Login link (right top corner)
  5. Put Interweave login credentials and click Login.
  6. Click on the flow PTCust2SFAccountIRS.
  7. Enter the following parameters:
    1.  StartId aaaa
    2. EndId aaaa
    3. BatchSize 1
  8. Click Submit in the lower frame
  9.  Click on Single Run radio button for that flow, check Start checkbox and click Submit
  10. Return back to Sage Server and you should see Sage 50 started and credentials box opened. Enter password for interweave user.
  11. Go back to the browser and logout from flows.